Frequently asked questions

What does it mean when I get a recording error?

● There could be many reasons why you get an error. They include:
● Accidentally covering the microphone with a thumb or finger
● Holding the phone too close to your mouth
● Leaving a lot of silence before and after your cough in your recording
● Talking, laughing or other background noise
●For more helpful tips, please view this video:

What Does SoundPass Do?

SoundPass gives users a way to conduct a self-check at any time, to see if anything about their cough sound signature has changed since they set up their baseline. This can be used by anyone seeking peace of mind when they’re spending time in person with those outside their household. When SoundPass can authenticate your current cough sound to your baseline, you can rest assured that nothing has changed in your cough sound signature.

What is SoundPass Access?

Access is our QR code scanning software, which is used by businesses, employers, colleges and universities, places of worship and retail locations. These groups use Access to scan the QR codes that SoundPass Plus generates when a user authenticates and wants to provide that status to a building operator as part of a set of safety measures they have decided to implement.

How do I use the QR code from SoundPass?

Show the QR code to any business that uses SoundPass Access to comply with their policies around safe entry.

Does SoundPass tell me if I have COVID-19?

No. SoundPass does not screen for, diagnose, treat, or prevent any health condition or medical diagnosis. SoundPass only authenticates that your current cough signature does or does not match your baseline.

What does it mean if I can’t get my cough to authenticate?

It means that your cough signature, for whatever reason, does not match your baseline. This may occur for a variety of reasons including exposure to environment agents or potential illness. You may consider consulting a healthcare professional, if you have concerns.

How can I be sure no one is sharing their QR codes to “cheat” the system?

Once a QR code is scanned, Access shows the person’s QR code on the screen and shows the photo that the user took when they upgraded to Plus. This allows the business operator to compare the photo that was registered with SoundPass Plus to the person presenting the code. Access logs all scans, storing each person’s SoundPass account ID number issued during registration, as well as the date and timestamp when their QR code was scanned. It does not store the names or photos of SoundPass Plus users.

What are you doing with my data? Is it safe? Is it being shared with or sold to anyone?

SoundPass stores data in accordance with the terms and conditions presented to you when you register. The information we collect is encrypted and stored in a secure cloud environment.
Your data is never shared with anyone, it is never traded with anyone, and it is never sold to anyone. During registration, you enter the following information:
● Name
● Mobile Phone number
● Email
● Password
● Baseline coughs
● A photo of yourself

How long is my authentication good for?

Each authentication remains active on your mobile device for a maximum of 4 hours. Individual premises operators with an Access system may chose a shorter authentication window.

Why Does my QR Code expire after 4 hours?

To ensure the highest degree of accuracy, each Authentication expires in 4 hours. After 4 hours a new authentication should be obtained to ensure that nothing has changed with your cough sound signature.

How often can I check my authentication status?

You can check your authentication status as often as every 30 minutes.

Can you be any age and use SoundPass?

Currently SoundPass is for use by adult-sized persons without regard to age. As we gain experience with persons less than 4 feet tall, we anticipate maintaining the same level of accuracy for authentication.

As my voice changes or if I grow, how will that affect my ability to use SoundPass?

Because we use sound signatures, if your voice changes for any reason, your ability to authenticate may be affected. If these changes are permanent (i.e., growth, surgery, etc.), it will be necessary to repeat the baseline cough process. Contact customer service if this need arises.

What happens if I do not authenticate and need to enter a building protected by Access?

You can try again in 30 minutes. If this persists, premises operators may choose their own alternative methods for entry.

Does the App have legal validity for any misuse in my company?

The legal texts issued by each Government do not limit, nor restrict, nor prohibit the use and implementation of the mobile application Soundpass Plus as a technological means of evidencing possible suspicious cases in COVID19 workers, as the sectoral regulations, leave to the established employer greater preventive measures or actions of COVID-19 in order to reduce the risk of exposure of its workers, provided that they do not contravene the legal provisions issued by the national territory.

Therefore, customers - private companies - who acquire the licenses of the mobile application "SoundPass" for their workers, can and should incorporate this use of technology outsourced within their "Plan for the surveillance, prevention and control of COVID-19 at work".

How is personal data protection treated when using SoundPass Plus and Access?

The worker must request the additional express consent to the worker for the processing of his data through the technological means "Soundpass" and will incorporate it within his privacy documents established by Law N°29733 and its Regulations.

If my company does not have biometric reading elements such as barcode readers or QR codes, is this an impediment to acquiring SoundPass licenses?

It is not inconvenient since the reading of QR codes can be done from any smartphone that is used to control access to the premises of the company.

Can the phone license management platform, SoundPass Access be used from a mobile?

Yes, it can be downloaded from the App Store and used from any mobile phone with Android or IoS system.

Does the SoundPass Access system allow you to add or remove subscriptions at any time?

No, the platform allows you to remove licenses and change or modify those of collaborators who no longer belong to the team. For new licenses you must purchase through the online store.

What happens if I misplace the phone where I have the SoundPass Plus app?

You must inform the Human Resources area of the company to request a new subscription registration or modification of the existing one.

If the app does not authenticate me, is it automatically reported to the company or should I?

All results are sent automatically and in real time to SoundPass Access, which is the subscription management platform no additional operation is needed.

Can someone else use SoundPass Plus from my account?

You can do it, but the result will always be "Unauthenticated" since the reading of your biometric record will not be the subscriber.

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