Users establish an SDS (Signature Data Sound) by recording forced coughs. In this way, SoundPass Plus will be able to compare your cough to the initial registration, when you authenticate each day to go to work.

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The SoundPass Access management portal is a sophisticated system, which allows administrators to manage SoundPass Plus licenses and authentications.

SoundPass Access is used to scan the QR code of any SoundPass Plus user. It is designed to support your company's security protocols quickly, economically and is easily accessible.

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Secure access for your employees

SoundPass Plus generates a QR code that can be scanned by any SoundPass Access entry point, every time a user authenticates correctly and is in good health.

Thesafety of your company

is well-being for all.

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Does the App have legal validity for any misuse in my company?

The legal texts issued by each government do not limit, nor restrict...

How is personal data protection treated when using SoundPass Plus and Access?

The worker must request the additional express consent...

If my company does not have biometric reading elements such as barcode readers or QR codes, is this an impediment to acquiring SoundPass licenses?

It is not inconvenient since the reading of QR codes ...

Can the phone license management platform, SoundPass Access be used from a mobile?

Yes, it can be downloaded from the App Store and used from any mobile phone with Android or IoS system....