INTRODUCING biometric soundpass

Technology powered by Artificial Intelligence that combines two powerful tools in a single HR management system

¿WHAT IS SoundPass?

SoundPass is a biometric tool for secure entry to facilities by recognizing anomalies in the sound of the user's cough, which works under its own artificial intelligence and machine learning system that allows alerts to be generated when a user's cough changes due to to pathogenic elements(for exampleCOVID, Flu, influenza, etc)and/or environmental factors.

How does it work?




The security of your company
it is well-being for all.

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Frequent questions

Does the App have legal validity in the event of any misuse in my company?

The legal texts issued by each government do not limit or restrict...

How is personal data protection treated if I use SoundPass Plus and Access?

The employer must request complementary express consent...

If my company does not have biometric reading elements such as bar code or QR readers, is this an impediment to acquiring SP licenses?

It is not inconvenient since reading QR codes...

Can the license management platform, Sound Pass Access be used from a mobile phone?

If you can download it from the App Store and use it from any mobile phone with Android or IOS system...